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Mary J Tait

Mary J Tait - Photography and Fine Art

St Annes On Sea, Lancashire


Hi there

4th December 2014 just won another award for Most Creative Artist, colour birds, first place winner hosted by Caroline Gilmore FAA.

As of 29th October some of my photos and pictures can be found on,,, and Some other items with my photography and design can be found on cushions, mugs etc I hope you find something you like.

If not... I will be away during November 2014 and hope to be back Dec 2014 with some new and exciting stuff.

I have a couple of Awards in Digital Photography (bronze and crystal) International Society of Photography which I gained in 2008. I used my very first camera when I was about 5 years old, which developed automatically and for many years after I only used the camera for social events. With the advances of new technology and an older and more mature insight to the world around me I have now taken an interest in nature, animals and scenery as well and this can be seen through the many pictures I capture.

In recent years I have been employed by UCLAN University to work on the 3D Paradigm Project at UCLAN University, as the Project Manager/Administrator for the 3D Technologies Project.

yellow roses art

Throughout the years I have mainly used Olympus cameras, however I now also have a Samsung (with extensive zooming properties). I like to keep up to date with new concepts and have advanced experience in photography, video shooting and videography (qualifications in drama) and relevant software technologies.

I can be quite creative, however there are periods when my creativity seems to wain. I have many loves and although I love to capture the world around me I also love writing. In 2008 I gained a Poet Fellowship. I am also an advanced pianist and have composed a few small pieces, though nothing lately. On performing one such piece during a college theatre production in my younger days, I was absolutely delighted when two beautiful old ladies came down from the audience and asked what the piece was called. They said it was the most beautiful haunting melody they had ever heard. "Valentine Loch" which can be found on You Tube.

A few years ago, because of weight and health problems the Dr advised me to get active and take up some kind of exercise. Just a couple of years later, just prior to my 50th birthday I gained awards in Salsa Dancing (Bronze and Silver). Unfortunately though, after spraining my ankle quite badly, I have not kept this up and my weight and more has piled back on!!

The theatre is another of my loves and in In earlier years I was a performer in various shows for the MacMillan Fund Cancer Relief. More about this can be found on my Linkedin profile.

A self employed business woman I also support small businesses with website design and hosting services and print and design as well as assisting individuals with CV Specialist services. All of these services were established in 1996 when I set up a print and copy shop in Edinburgh after having become a specialist in my field. My websites are and Call 0345 370 9940 or FREEPhone: 0800 170 7740 all enquiries are very welcome.

My profile and more information about the services I offer, along with references and testimonials can be found on Linkedin.

I live in the UK, but believe I may have lived in America up until I was about six/seven years old, there is some thought that I may have also spent some time in Australia. I was never formally "adopted" but brought up with very nice, kind people I thought, until recently, were my true blood relations. They did tell me quite often when I was younger that I wasn't but somehow it just didn't register until recently when I started writing a kind of biography.

Thank you soo much for taking an interest in my pictures and services if I can be of any help or assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to help if I can. Skype: mary.jane997

All images are copyright Mary J Tait. All rights reserved. Copying and/or redistributing these images without permission from Mary J Tait is strictly prohibited. Be sure to join the email list for special events and promotions.



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