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Holiday in Australia

November 22nd, 2014

Have just been on holiday in Australia, not for the first time and definitely not for the last. Australia is a beautiful country with loads to do and see and. even if it is like walking in through a Sauna from time to time, the air conditioning in the shops and the cooler sea air on the beach definitely helps to make it a place worth visiting. We were surprised though to find that when we visited the Botanical Gardens, that, although the temperature was ten degrees lower than it had been the day before when we had been at the beach, it felt much, much hotter. We were told it is because of the humidity and although I don't really understand what that means as yet I am sure I will be able to find loads of information about it online.

As usual I have taken far toooooo many photographs and it may take me some time to select the ones I think best for Most of them are of cute creatures and once I have time to select and edit a few I will put them online for your perusal. I do hope you like at least a few as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

The above video link is to a small video of underwater dolphins - very cute and of course comments are very welcome. Thank you.